BHС For Business

BHC is interested in strenghtening of collaboration with business sector. Main fields of interest are legal security raise, establishment of corporate social responsibility culture, human rights and nondiscrimination principles.

Business and human rights form a relationship in the search for balance between business as a relevant system and a little man. An employee, a client, and local communities arise firsthand in the production cycle or other profit-making process. This also includes company’s relationships with business partners that may affect a little man.

Practical support from BHC on Business and Human Rights

Business and Human Rights Guide

Our Guide helps to quickly get familiar with the topic of business and human rights and provides basic tools for implementing relevant approaches to business processes and public regulation. We also prepared a small overview of the benefits for businesses resulting from human rights agenda incorporated into company’s management processes. This information is particularly relevant for management and legal departments, HR and PR departments. The materials are available at the following link:


We provide training seminars on Discrimination, Business and Human Rights, and Human Rights Based Approach for various company departments. The learning content may be adjusted to your specific needs. Please contact us at Assessment of internal processes and assistance in developing corporate policies We are here to assess your internal processes of interaction with employees, customers, partners, local communities for inclusiveness, discrimination, and respect for human rights. Moreover, we can assist you in developing corporate policies promoting diversity and human rights. Please contact us at


***Furthermore, businesses may take the following steps for improving equality and combating discrimination.