• 12 new names on list of political prisoners

    Immediately release political prisoners Dzmitry Kachurka, Dzmitry Hryshchanka, Illia Yahorau, Stanislau Machalau, Yauhen Markavets, Dzmitry Sinkevich, Aliaksandr Dabryianik, Yegor Dudnikov, Illia Bokhan, Siarhei Tsibets, Leanid Hermanovich and Uladzislau Barysau and stop their criminal prosecution; //

    Hary Pahaniaila was summoned to the Tsentralny District Office of Internal Affairs on 3 June at 10.00 to give explanation regarding his newly published interview for (the interview was later republished by //
  • HRDs demand release and retrial for political prisoner Iryna Palianina

    Palianina was found guilty of posting an insulting comment on a social network under the photo of head of the Pastavy police department Aliaksandr Rybakou in December last year. She was also convicted of storing small-caliber rifle cartridges left by her dead father. We consider the punishment under Art. 369 of the Criminal Code to be politically motivated, as it is linked to the peaceful exercise of freedom of expression, while punishment under Art. 295 of the Criminal Code is excessive, as it is related to politically motivated persecution. The sentence imposed on her was not determined by the severity of the crime and the identity of the defendant. The woman was deprived of liberty selectively compared to other convicts, as noted in the conclusions by Viasna experts. //
  • 15 new political prisoners in Belarus

    We, representatives of Belarusian human rights organizations, call on the Belarusian authorities to: *immediately release political prisoners Alina Muratava, Natallia Barynava, Siarhei Krasouski, Volha Syravatka, Uladzimir Katsiubka and Maksim Pytsel and stop the criminal prosecution against them; *reconsider the detention and court rulings taken against Yauhen Kambul, Siarhei Silich, Maksim Siliuk, Siarhei Bahdan, Uladzimir Lankevich, Viktar Ivantsou, Siarhei Rozum, Siarhei Shabunia and Pavel Fedukevich, respecting their right to a fair trial; *release them from custody and select other measures to ensure their appearance in court; *immediately release all political prisoners and end political repression in the country. //
  • 12 more names on list of political prisoners

    immediately release political prisoners Aliaksei Siamionau, Dzmitry Yurkoits, Illia Siliankou, Aliaksei Lipen, Mia Mitkevich, Aliaksandr Palivoda, Ivan Kulko, Ihar Bykouskikh, Andrei Liubetski, Volha Takarchuk, Uladzimir Kolas and Liudmila Kuzniatsova and stop the criminal prosecution against them //
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