• Position of Belarusian Human Rights Organizations as Regards Overall Human Rights Situation in Belarus

    Before the session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and the next round of the EU-Belarus Dialogue on Human Rights //
  • HRDs call for immediate release of all persons arrested in ‘rioting and armed group case’ after reports of torture in KGB prison

    Freedom from torture is an absolute right and is not subject to any restrictions even in a military conflict or a state of emergency //
  • BHC has taken part in expert consultations on «Reporting in accordance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: the fifth periodic report of the Republic of Belarus»

    Пад час Кансультацый прадстаўнікі Беларускага Хельсінксага Камітэта выступілі па тэмах: практыка падрыхтоўкі альтэрнатыўных дакладаў у Камітэт ААН па правах чалавека і прэзентацыя канцэпцыі заканадаўства пра роўнасць і недыскрымінацыю. //
  • BHC has sent urgent allegations to UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders

    Allegations are compiled based on the situation with BHC representatives in Viciebsk and Maladziechna regions - Paval Levinau and Eduard Balanchuk //
  • Statement: Release Political Prisoner Zmicier Paliyenka

    We demand that the authorities of Belarus should immediately release him //
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