• Immediately release political prisoner Viachaslau Kasinerau

    Joint statement by the Belarusian human rights organizations //
  • Aleh Hulak has taken part in widened session of parliamentary working group on death penalty problematics analyses

    Every crime must be punished. But not with the price of our inner purity, of our individual self //
  • Stop whipping up hysteria and atmosphere of fear in the Belarusian society and ensure respect for human rights

    The Constitution proclaims the rights and freedoms as the supreme goal of the State //
  • Priority recommendations on reforming electoral legislation

    The civil campaign Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections has presented a policy paper on its recommendations aimed at reforming the electoral legislation of Belarus. According to the campaign’s experts, these recommendations are crucial for the conduct of free, fair and democratic elections //
  • The Country Guide for Human Rights and Business in Belarus

    The Country Guide for Human Rights and Business in Belarus released

    Праца з правамі чалавека дабратворна для рэпутацыі бізнесу, паляпшае ўмовы працы і прадукцыйнасць супрацоўнікаў і павышае шанцы бізнэсу стаць партнёрамі вялікіх міжнародных карпарацый і прыцягнуць інвестыцыі з боку заходніх інвестараў. //
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