RHRPA “Belarusian Helsinki Committee”


  • HRDs condemn government-run Constitutional reform as “attempt to silence gross human rights violations”

    We consider it important to reform the Constitution, including to ensure a real separation of powers, to create additional measures to protect human rights, but an effective dialogue to discuss proposals to change the Constitution is only possible after the situation in the country de-escalates: the authorities must stop repression and persecution of dissidents, refrain from detaining peaceful demonstrators, release political prisoners, and initiate criminal proceedings against all those involved in torture. //
  • Human rights coalition calls 9 more persons political prisoners

    We assess the persecution of Siarhei Bryl, Andrei Papou, Pavel Niadbaila, Siarhei Liazhenka, Dzmitry Ivashkou, Yury Bialko, Dzmitry Lastouski, Yaraslau Zbarouski, and Dzianis Boltuts as politically motivated, as it is solely connected with the exercise of their freedom of peaceful assembly and expression. We, therefore, consider them to be political prisoners. //
  • Belarusian Helsinki Committee and other NGOs: stop repressions against Leanid Markhotka

    We consider administrative persecution of Leanid Markhotka to be a punishment for carrying out peaceful human rights advocacy. //