#database #joint reports to international mechanisms #joint support to target audiences #human rights based approach

We help civil society organizations and initiatives add ("discover") a human rights dimension to their work.



For lawyers and CSOs managers, we have developed a special database on human rights standards (only in ru). This resource saves time and allows you to quickly navigate the international human rights standards for key queries.

  • It helps to quickly build up initial expertise on a required aspect of human rights.
  • It helps to strengthen a legal document (complaint, statement) with relevant international human rights standards, while such information is not available in popular professional databases.
  • It helps project managers navigate the human rights agenda for Belarus.


#joint reports to international mechanisms

We advise on the use of international human rights mechanisms (for example, the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the Committee on the Rights of the Child).
We coordinate the preparation and submission of some joint reports.
We inform initiatives in a timely manner of opening opportunities for international human rights mechanisms (for example, when the mechanism begins to collect information).

#joint support to target audiences

Various individual cooperation scenarios are possible. Most often, we help develop algorithms to protect the rights of CSO target audiences. Examples of such cooperation: algorithms "How to get access to criminal cases of repressed relatives" (ru), "How to deal with bullying in educational institutions" (ru).


#human rights based approach

We train and help to add human rights based approach technology to project and organizational activities.
We advise in the development of internal policies.
We make an expert contribution to the development of training materials and programs.
*BHC contributes to development, consolidation and enhancement of the role of civil society in Belarus, takes part in Assembly of non-governmental democratic associations of Belarus, and in work of different forums of the sector.