Analytical weekly report on the results of observation: August 5-10


- the 2019 parliamentary elections take place against the background of complex political circumstances in the world and Europe, certain progress in the relations between Belarus and the United States and the EU, and a bilateral crisis in the Belarus-Russia relations;

- there has been ongoing cooperation of Belarus and democratic countries in many areas, and a certain liberalization of the socio-political and cultural spheres is observed against the background of continuing violations of human rights;

- the elections are governed by the legislation that fails to take into account the most crucial recommendations made by both domestic observers and international organizations;

- the President’s decree to schedule the elections to the House of Representatives for November 17 violates the constitutional provision on the term of office of the National Assembly members, significantly reducing the tenure of the current Parliament, and constitutes an interference in the activities of the legislature.

“Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections”