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    Position of Belarusian human rights organizations on the death of Raman Bandarenka

    Numerous video footage of the incident and testimonies by eyewitnesses allow us to conclude that officers of special units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus were involved in the crime with a high degree of probability. This is evidenced, in particular, by the purpose of their actions (removing the protest symbols), equipment typical of law enforcement agencies, professional and coordinated actions of the attackers when detaining and carrying Raman to a minibus, which allegedly belongs to one of special police units, and the eventual transportation of the detainee to the district police department. Failure to take immediate law-stipulated measures to investigate the crime is further evidence of the government's involvement in its commission. //
  • 19 more persons qualify as political prisoners

    We consider the persecution of Dzmitry Dubkou, Tsimur Ryzapur, Viktar Siadou, Valery Kalenchyts, Pavel Niapeuny, Dzmitry Kanapelka, Raman Kananovich, Yauhen Prapolski, Raman Hvazdziolak, Yury Kuzmich, Ivan Bahdzevich, Maryia Nestserava, Ihar Prazhennikau, Dzianis Hutsin, Maksim Babich (minor), Kiryl Paulavets, Volha Klaskouskaya, Dzianis Dzemukh, and Yauhen Dzmitryeu to be politically motivated, as it is solely linked to the exercise of their freedom of peaceful assembly and expression related to the announced results of the presidential election and are calling them political prisoners. //
  • Appeal to business by Belarusian human rights organisations in connection with the human rights crisis in Belarus

    Due to the outlined facts and current circumstances, any public or private business enterprise which currently operates in Belarus or which has business ties with Belarusian companies and organisations is risking to be involved (directly or indirectly) in violations of human rights and to be in breach of international laws and its internal policies and codes of conduct, which will result in serious reputational and financial harm to any such business. //

    Усе гэтыя гады мы працуем для таго, каб правы чалавека былі важнай часткай правілаў гульні ў краіне. //
  • HRDs condemn government-run Constitutional reform as “attempt to silence gross human rights violations”

    We consider it important to reform the Constitution, including to ensure a real separation of powers, to create additional measures to protect human rights, but an effective dialogue to discuss proposals to change the Constitution is only possible after the situation in the country de-escalates: the authorities must stop repression and persecution of dissidents, refrain from detaining peaceful demonstrators, release political prisoners, and initiate criminal proceedings against all those involved in torture. //
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