What the Belarusians think about human rights. Analytical note to the opinion poll "Human rights in Belarus"

The Belarusians consider the level of human rights protection in their country to be higher than in Western Europe, the USA or Russia. Interestingly, according to the respondents, the most maddening situation in this field develops in neighboring Russia. Only one of four respondents expressed the opinion that human rights are not violated or almost not violated in Russia.
People are especially defenseless in a conflict with the state, 61% of poll respondents think so.
More than 80% of poll respondents (35.8% - "often", 46.6% - "sometimes") indicated that the state and public interests do not match in Belarus.
More than half of respondents (61.5%) do not know where to apply in case of respective violations.

Analytical note to the opinion poll "Human rights in Belarus"

The main results of a sociological study on the perception of human rights by the Belarusians are represented in this analytical note. The study was conducted by a group of companies SATIO at the request of the RHRPA "Belarusian Helsinki Committee". The "PACT" provided expert support in the preparation of the analytical note as this organization realizes the importance of understanding the needs and perceptions of target groups for the Belarusian human rights sector and the need to stimulate public demand for a wider range of human rights issues.