Criminal charge dismissed against Pahaniaila


A criminal investigation against Hary Pahaniaila was denied due to the lack of criminal elements in his action according to Article 367 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus (defamation of the president of the Republic of Belarus).

We remind that Hary Pahaniaila has been summoned to the Tsentralny District Office of Internal Affairs on 3 June to give explanation regarding his interview for (the interview was later republished by

Hary Pahaniaila is head of the BHC Legal Committee.

Mr. Pahaniaila has worked as an attorney, head of a legal advice office, judge at a People's Court, head of advocacy department in the Central office of The Ministry of Justice, and head of the legal consultancy office of the Sovietskij district in Minsk. 

Hary Pahaniaila took part in the development of a number of legislative acts, namely the 1994 Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, the Law of the Republic of Belarus «On Advocacy and Advocatory Activities».

As a lawyer and human rights advocate, Hary Pahaniaila participated in numerous «celebrated cases», namely the cases of poet Slavamir Adamovich, Russian journalists Pavel Sheremet and Dmitry Zavadsky, ex-head of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus Tamara Vinnikova, ex-prime-minister Mihail Chygir, head of joint-stock company «Rassvet» Vasily Starovoitov, deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the 13-th convocation Andrey Klimau, etc.