• Homeless people and the right to housing in Belarus

    The report is based on a study of Belarusian legislation and shows a lack of reliable statistics measuring the scale of the problem of homelessness in Belarus. //
  • Immediately stop prosecution of blogger Siarhei Piatrukhin

    Representatives of human rights organizations in Belarus call to immediately stop the criminal prosecution of Siarhei Piatrukhin and drop all the charges against him; to not use the Criminal Code in cases involving defamation. //

    With the assistance of the BHC representative, an initiative group from Bogushevsk prepared collective appeals. One of them - to the Presidential Administration and the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee with the demands to keep the hospital and the polyclinic - is available on the website “Convenient City.” More than 1000 residents of the urban village and neighboring villages signed the appeals. //
  • Stop deportation of United Civil Party press secretary!

    We believe that the administrative prosecution of Ms. Krasulina for participating in a peaceful assembly is a disproportionate measure infringing her rights, as this expression of opinion is in no way subject to permissible restrictions on freedom of peaceful assembly set out in art. 21 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. //
  • 124th session of the UN Human Rights Committee: Human rights defenders presented their position in the UN

    In their report, the HRDs outlined key ears of concern in terms of Belarus’s obligations under the Covenant, in particular failure to properly investigate cases of forced disappearances, continued application of the death penalty, police-related torture reports, forced labor, lack of independence of defense lawyers, repressive legislation governing the activities of the media, NGOs and organization of peaceful assemblies. //
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