• Criminal charge dismissed against Pahaniaila

    A criminal investigation against Hary Pahaniaila was denied due to the lack of criminal elements in his action according to Article 367 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus (defamation of the president of the Republic of Belarus). //
  • Human rights defenders call to release five more political prisoners

    Immediately release political prisoners Herman Bykhau, Siarhei Bobashau, Aliaksandr Ahraitsovich, Dzmitry Babok, and Yury Biruk and stop the criminal prosecution against them //
  • HRDs insist on retrial and release of political prisoner Siarhei Monich

    We, the representatives of Belarusian human rights organizations, call on the Belarusian authorities to reconsider the detention measures and the court ruling imposed on Siarhei Monich, while respecting his right to a fair trial and eliminate the factors that influenced the verdict, as well as to release the convict, selecting other measures that will ensure his appearance in court //
  • Release political prisoner Mikhail Dobysh

    The Baranavičy District and City Court found Mikhail Dobysh guilty of threatening to use violence in a grocery store on September 17, 2020 in order to obstruct legal actions by police officer I. Mitsura. The officer experienced “psychological influence and intimidation, suppression of his will through personal expression of verbal threats of physical violence, while the victim had real reason to fear the implementation of these threats.” As a result, Dobysh was sentenced to three years of restricted freedom in an open correctional facility under Art. 364 of the Criminal Code. //
  • 11 new names on list of political prisoners

    We call on the Belarusian authorities to immediately release political prisoners Aliaksandr Yemeliyanovich, Siarhei Shchytsenka, Aleh Kulesha, Mikalai Isayenka, Siarhei Kastsiukevich, Barys Liashkevich, Vital Litvin, Hleb Ramanau, Daniil Khabavets, Aliaksandr Tsimafeyeu and Viachaslau Trafimuk and stop their criminal prosecution //
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