• Belarusian Helsinki Committee about Aleh Hulak

    On December 16, human rights activist, head of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Aleh Hulak passed away. He was only 55 years old. //
  • We sent a message to the UN Special Procedures on the practice of recognizing civil society organizations as extremist formations

    We called on the Special Rapporteurs to contact the Belarusian authorities and ask them to bring legislation on extremism in line with international human rights standards, as well as to stop the practice of recognizing civil society organizations as extremist formations, organizations without proper reasonable and proportionate grounds. //
  • Aleh Hulak. RIP

    On the evening of December 16, the head of the organization Aleh Hulak died. The preliminary diagnosis is cardiac arrest. Information about farewell will be provide next week. Condolences to loved ones. //
  • Interim report of the national human rights coalition on the implementation by the Republic of Belarus of the recommendations of the Human Rights Committee / follow-up report

    The Committee will consider the report of the Republic of Belarus and information from human rights organizations at its spring session, which will be held February 27 - March 24, 2023. //
  • Appealed to the UN Special Procedures in connection with the closure of the Red Church

    In our report we pointed out that the denial of access to the Red Church to the Catholic community was a continuation of the practice of violations of the rights of Catholics in Belarus, as there had already been politically motivated persecution, infringement and restriction of religious traditions and customs. We highlighted that aforementioned state’s actions constitute structural discrimination against Catholics in Belarus. //
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