• Immediately release political prisoner Vasil Lohvinau!

    The essence of the actions, i.e. the mural, in our opinion, indicates its protest content. Obviously, the purpose of this act was to express protest and disagreement with the falsification of the presidential election and the post-election situation in the country. //
  • Palina Sharenda-Panasiuk is political prisoner

    In accordance with the Criminal Code, every citizen has the right to protection from socially dangerous encroachment. This right belongs to a person regardless of the possibility of avoiding encroachment or seeking help from other persons or authorities. An action committed in a state of necessary defense, that is, in accordance with the Criminal Code, while protecting not only the life and health, but also the rights of the defender or another person, the interests of society or the state from a socially dangerous encroachment by causing harm to the encroaching, is not a crime, if this was not allowed to exceed the limits of necessary defense. The harm caused, a careless scratch on the police officer’s face, obviously does not go beyond such limits and is proportionate to the victim’s violated right. //
  • Human rights defenders call to release 8 more political prisoners

    Immediately release political prisoners Viktar Dzenisenka, Mikalai Fedarenka, Vital Brukh, Ivan Zubko, Rastsislau Shavel, Siarhei Bialevich, Yauhen Kalpachyk and Andrei Kandrasiuk and stop their criminal prosecution. //
  • 12 new names on list of political prisoners

    Immediately release political prisoners Dzmitry Kachurka, Dzmitry Hryshchanka, Illia Yahorau, Stanislau Machalau, Yauhen Markavets, Dzmitry Sinkevich, Aliaksandr Dabryianik, Yegor Dudnikov, Illia Bokhan, Siarhei Tsibets, Leanid Hermanovich and Uladzislau Barysau and stop their criminal prosecution; //

    Hary Pahaniaila was summoned to the Tsentralny District Office of Internal Affairs on 3 June at 10.00 to give explanation regarding his newly published interview for (the interview was later republished by //
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